Interactive Advertising Technologies for Marketers

Our patented Feedback Advertising™ technologies drive personalized conversations with millions of consumers on any kind of wired or wireless device. These opt-in conversations reveal the buying personae of each consumer then match each one to their ideal offer. That means Feedback Ads deliver more highly qualified consumers to more highly targeted offers while delivering deep consumer insight available nowhere else.

Use Our Technologies, Make More Money:

Universal Conversationalist API™
We’re on a mission to put Feedback Ads everywhere and with our Universal Conversationalist API, it’s mission accomplished! Using our API, you can embed Feedback Advertising within any ad unit running on any interactive screen. You can control video clips, text messages, ads from rich-media vendors, any kind of animations or graphics. And regardless of the format or where they run, they all drive the same real-time reports.
Brash Insight Repository™
It just might be the richest collection of declared buying intent anywhere. The Brash Insight Repository contains every response from every consumer from every ad on every device. Providing access to consumers by their location, device type or interaction date is just the beginning. The Brash Insight Repository lets you pinpoint consumers who gave specific responses in specific conversations.
CORE Values Delivery Service™
Because every pre-qualified consumer comes to your landing page with the responses they just gave, it’s easy to create personalized landing pages that highlight the features that matter to them. With our CORE Values Delivery Service, you can keep the conversation going, all the way through to conversion… and beyond.
Feedback Advertising Platform™
With an intuitive interface that’s quick and easy to use, the Feedback Advertising Platform makes it a snap to create and manage your Feedback Ad campaigns and quickly collect priceless real-time data through our comprehensive suite of reports.


Delivering Major Benefits:

  • Get 3x to 5x better results
  • Gain deep consumer insight
  • Engage the consumers imagination
  • Limitless creative potential
  • Refine any targeting technology
  • Fits into existing workflows
  • No privacy concerns, no PII

Get your competitive edge!

Successful ad agencies, DSPs. brands and publishers gain a competitive edge and win new business with our technologies.